WaterNest 100-04

FURNITURE   |   The interior of the WaterNest eco-friendly floating residential unit are enriched with a series of top design furniture, which can be found in the EcoFloLife catalogue – the result of a rigorous selection of the most renown and established eco-friendly contemporary design companies, thus meeting the trendiest style requirements.

Canyon Collection

CANYON COLLECTION  |  Armchair + Chair + Table + Library + Floor Lamp

Inspired by the sculptures and infinite layers of the American Grand Canyon, this eco-friendly collection designed by Giancarlo Zema for the Origami Furniture firm, consists of armchair, chair, table, coffee table, library and floor lamp made of recycled cardboard. Soft and curvaceous shapes reveal cosy niches to keep bags, magazines or small objects. Designed to furnish the trendiest indoor areas in an environmentally friendly and innovative way.  |

Snake Collection

SNAKE COLLECTION  |  Desk + Chair + Library + Floor lamp

A playful, cheerful and colourful snake with a curvy silhouette, almost like a cartoon. This is the exciting childhood memory that led designer Giancarlo Zema to design, for the Origami Furniture brand, an essential but fun collection that consists of a desk, chair, library and floor lamp made of recycled dual-coloured cardboard. An ideal piece of furniture to decorate smart and eco-friendly homes and offices in a young and informal style.  |

Bright Woods Collection

BRIGHT WOODS COLLECTION  |   Table + Chair + Coffee Table + Stool + Floor lamp

Like an enchanted forest of trees that light up at night, this fashinating ethnic collection by Giancarlo Zema for Luxyde, consist of table, chair, coffee table, stool and floor lamp, uses natural materials like wood scratched by several resin rings that lighten at sunset. Available in several colour and essences with RGB Led system, they are ideal for the most exclusive interior decoration, from hotels to nautical furnishing.  |

Anemone Collection

ANEMONE COLLECTION  |  Armchair + Sofa

Swimming as funny fishes in a warm sea full of shapes and then feeling safe in a colourful anemone. This is the inspiration that led the italian architect Giancarlo Zema to design for the prestigious Giovannetti Collezioni a soft and sprightly armchair and sofa of high sculptural value. Realized in polyurethane foam with bearing structure in treated steel and rotating base, cover in elastic fabrics in different colours all inspired by sea.  |

Octopus Collection

OCTOPUS COLLECTION  |  Suspended + Wall + Floor Lamps

Lengthening one of its sinuous tentacles, a curious and colorful octopus emerges from the seabed, bringing shape, colour and vital light. With this vision, the architect Giancarlo Zema designs an elegant collection of suspended, wall and floor lamps in DuPont™ Corian® for Luxyde. A contemporary corian lamps bicoloured where the floor lamp has a steel base, dynamic RGB LED technology with remote control, 210 cm height and 35 cm in diameter. |

Ring Collection

RING COLLECTION  |  Table + Chair + Stool

The great Henry Moore’s sculpures inspired the essentiality of the Ring series. An idea born as a hommage to the great English Master who changed the world of modern art. Designed by Giancarlo Zema for Giovannetti, consist of table, chair and stool owe their lightness to large holes in the sides, that become a suitable place for bags, magazines or small objects. Realized in double color polyurethane with either a rough or smooth finish and the possibility to choose different combinations of colours to match the general style of the surroundings. The height of the objects may be regulated to suit the user’s needs by pressing a button that activates an internal gas piston.  | 

Moss Collection

MOSS COLLECTION  |  Outdoor Seat + Coffee Table

The moss with its soft and colourfull texture that fits smoothly to the forms of nature, has seduced the pencil of the architect Giancarlo Zema, who has created for Giovannetti a collection of seats and low tables in fresh colours and enveloping surfaces. Ideal for decorating the most innovative and trendy outdoor and indoor spaces, is made in eco-plastic of different colours.  |